Can Plantation Shutters Be Installed as Café Style Shutters in San Diego?

A half shutter allows you privacy on the lower half of the window and the top is left open for light and view. Yet, since plantation shutters have large louvers, is it the ideal shutter for your windows?

The café or half-shutter look works great with a plantation shutter’s large louvers if it’s designed properly. That’s why we offer a divider rail for café shutters in San Diego, CA.

The Divider Rail Solution

A divider rail provides your plantation shutters with a fully finished, complete effect on the window. At the same time, it gives you the ability to close the bottom louvers for privacy and tilt open the top ones to let in light. Adjusting the top louvers is helpful in the daytime when the light is stopping you from watching TV. A 3.5” or 4.5” inch louver is hardly noticed when it’s opened flat, providing you a lot of space to see outside. So, you won’t worry about giving up your view.

Cafe Style Shutters with Divider Rail

When it comes down to it, it’s a style choice – whether you desire the style of a half shutter or the look of a plantation shutter with a divider rail.

How Are Café Style Shutters Designed?

We start by measuring the length and width of your window, recording where to stop the shutters – to give that café appearance. Then we go back to our store and order your hand-crafted plantation shutters to fit those dimensions – and note whether the windows have a divider rail. Using a combination of advanced software and unique templates based on your windows, we manufacture the plantation shutters in the café style – and apply the finishes and colors you chose.

Our skilled installers will then mount the café shutters on your windows. They’ll double check that the louvers can be opened and the divider rail – if ordered – is mobile.

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