Barn Doors Bring Beauty And Privacy To San Diego Homes

Announcing Sunburst Shutters San Diego’s newest product line: barn doors! Barn doors are the hottest trend in home design. Beautifully crafted from solid wood, they are stunning as a modern substitute to doors in San Diego.
And today you can have them on your windows, too!
Californians love the hip touch barn doors add to their residence. But they’re more than merely elegant adornment. As both window shutters and in place of doors, barn doors give you privacy. Close them to obstruct the light (and intrusive neighbors). You can also simply move them along the track to both sides of the window to get a full view of your surroundings.
Sunburst’s sliding barn doors come in a selection of colors. With our paint and stain colors, we can fit your color scheme. Your barn doors will be the center of attention as a piece of art and at the same time it functions as a window shutter or door. And made from high quality hardwood, barn doors are durable .
Interested in adding a modern touch to your house? Discover the barn doors for sale in San Diego, CA:

Sliding Barn Door Shutters

Sliding Barn Door Shutters In San Diego, CA
As a new window shutter, sliding barn door shutters combine the privacy characteristic of window shutters with the charm of barn doors. We have all the options for the modernized ambience you want from sliding barn doors. And our experts guide you as you choose your colors and hardware. Browse all the sliding barn door shutters options here.

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Doors On A San Diego Pantry
Sunburst Shutters San Diego provides you with custom-made sliding barn doors to add that special decorative touch to your house. Whether you want a plank, a stile-and-rail, or a panel type door, we’ve got a variety of styles and options. And we offer a variety of paint and stain colors to match your overall décor. Find out more about sliding barn doors for your home.