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Financing Window Treatments In San Diego


Don’t hold off on buying new window treatments when you need an updated look. Sunburst Shutters San Diego makes it effortless to get the window treatments you want now with different financing options through Service Finance Company. With payment plans for all budgets and competitive interest rates, now is the right time to order your high-quality window treatments from Sunburst. Take a look at our offerings for financing window treatments in San Diego, and call us at 760-405-8887 to talk about what plan works best for you.

Benefits Of Financing Window Treatments In San Diego

Whether you’ve been needing a window treatment refresh or suddenly need new ones, financing can help you get the custom treatments you want without delay. Here are just some reasons to consider financing plantation shutters in San Diego or other top-rated window treatments from Sunburst:

  • Get what you need now and pay later. Our financing programs let you purchase new window treatments when you want and pay them off over a period of time.
  • High-end window treatments that fit your budget. You’re more likely to find room in your budget for the lovely, long-lasting window coverings you want if you pay in predictable, budget-friendly increments.
  • Work with a major lender. Service Finance Company is a noted lender that works with favorite brands nationwide.

Select From One Of Our Plans

With Service Finance Company, you can choose which financing plan works for you. Call Sunburst Shutters San Diego today to get more info on each plan’s terms and details and decide which one makes sense for you.

  • 180 MONTHS @ 7.99% INTEREST.*

*Minimum order may apply. Contact store for details.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Treatment Financing

Why should I finance my window treatment purchase when I can pay with a credit card or cash?

Financing your window treatments allows you to keep your hard-earned savings in the bank and benefit from a lower interest rate than you get with a credit card. With a financing program from Service Finance Company, you can find a payment plan that divides up the cost instead of paying the full price immediately.

What type of credit is available?

Service Finance Companyfinancing products are unsecured loans with fixed interest rates. Unlike credit with non-fixed rates, your payments will never change, so it’s easy to budget for.

How do I apply for financing?

Click the Apply button below to apply through Service Finance Company. You’ll get an instant credit decision upon submitting your application.

How soon can I begin shopping for window treatments after getting approved?

Right away! Once you get approved, request a consultation with Sunburst, so we can discuss your custom window treatments and order the products you want.

Where do I get more details about financing my window treatments in San Diego?

If you have further questions about financing your window treatments, call Sunburst Shutters San Diego anytime. We’ll discuss how purchasing your window treatments with a Service Finance Company loan works and its benefits for you.

Have More Questions? Call Today And Hear All About Your Financing Options

Buy your new window treatments sooner and pay at a later date when you finance them now! Sunburst is glad to offer this option to help you enhance your home when you desire. To learn about financing window treatments in San Diego, call us at 760-405-8887. We’ll answer each of your questions and schedule an in-home appointment to demonstrate our products for you.