San Diego Plantation Shutters

At Sunburst Shutters San Diego, we specialize in custom plantation shutters designed to upgrade your home. With our team of expert designers and installers, and backed by our exclusive brands of plantation shutters, we offer your windows an aesthetic and advantage that our competitors can’t. We take pride in our premium brands, and with our exemplary customer service, our goal is to transform your home with the best-looking and best-performing window treatments you can buy.

You’ll love our selection, with each type of plantation shutter delivering its own unique beauty and durability to your windows. Explore our interior window shutters below, and see the advantages that our full line of window treatments can offer.

The Best Custom Plantation Shutters

With great attention to detail, our plantation shutters are custom-built with expert precision to offer you complete control over light, noise, temperature, and privacy. Our superior indoor plantation shutters are tailored to fit any window shape or size and offer incredible energy-saving benefits that other window solutions simply can’t provide. Our energy-efficient plantation shutters translate to lower heating and cooling costs, which means you save on future bills. Sunburst Shutters window treatments are backed by the best lifetime warranties.

Whatever your need, our custom plantation shutters can complement your home beautifully. From fitting specialty window shapes and color schemes, to maximum energy-efficiency, to the biggest variety of frame designs, Sunburst has the absolute best and most unique interior window shutters in San Diego.

Sunburst shutters in a dining room

Why Choose Plantation Shutters For Your Home?

Not only do our plantation shutters help you save on energy costs, but because of the way they’re installed on your windows, they become a permanent fixture that’s both low-maintenance and complementary to your home’s decor. When you’re ready to move and your residence is appraised for resale, plantation shutters add to its estimated market value. It’s an advantage that’s unique to plantation shutters, but our high-quality construction, unrivaled customer service, and top-of-the-line products put Sunburst Shutters ahead of the competition.

Shutters in a bedroom

Customize Your Plantation Shutters to Fit Your Style

At Sunburst Shutters, our interior plantation shutters are fully adjustable and offer customization that can give your windows a clean, modern style. We offer a variety of louver sizes. The larger the louver size, the fewer louvers across your windows, which translates to a better view. That’s why larger louvers are our most popular selection. It’s our unique combination of a sleek style, incredible view, and the Sunburst Shutters advantage of maximum light and temperature control.

Our plantation shutters are masterfully crafted to enhance your window and your decor seamlessly. That’s why we carry exclusive premium brands. Schedule a free in-home consultation, and see the benefits of custom plantation shutters in your home.

Polywood Shutters

Plantation shutters in a living room

Crafted from a solid-engineered wood substitute, Polywood® plantation shutters won’t warp, chip, split, or crack. The paint finish on Polywood shutters won’t yellow or fade. That’s because we bake on our paint and combine it with UV stabilizers that make the premium synthetic resistant to the sun’s rays. Through this process, the paint chemically bonds to the material. Regardless of how much sunlight your home gets, your plantation shutters look as pristine as the day we installed them for you!

Our Polywood plantation shutters are also the premier insulating shutters, so your home can be more energy-efficient than ever. Read about the Polywood Insulating System® to see the energy-efficiency benefits Polywood plantation shutters add to your home. Polywood shutters are also waterproof, termite proof, and operate better than any other shutter.

At Sunburst Shutters, our experts custom-craft all of our Polywood shutters so they look great on your windows – and work without a hitch each time you open and shut them. It’s a difference that you can see, feel, and experience, and it’s what sets Polywood plantation shutters above other interior window shutters.


Ovation Interior Wood Shutters

Ovation shutters in a living room with a fireplace

Ovation® interior wood shutters are the premium wood plantation shutters you’ve been looking for. These custom plantation shutters are made from solid hardwoods, which are kiln-dried and water-sealed to protect against moisture, so you won’t have any doubt that they are built to last. A five-star interior wood shutter, Ovation shutters are available in an array of louver sizes, frame types, and control options.

Have a particular color in mind to match your decor? Ovation plantation shutters can be found in 28 unique wood stains and 11 unique paints, so you can closely match your previous window trim, room furnishings, or complement the style of your house.

We manufacture all of our Ovation plantation shutters, so they cover your windows precisely, work effortlessly, and look beautiful. Our Ovation interior wood shutters are the genuine article, and they’re backed by a lifetime warranty.


Reclaimed Wood Shutters

Reclaimed wood shutters in a living room

Modernize your residence with reclaimed wood shutters. Built with wood from old buildings, barns, fences and more, each individual reclaimed wood shutter has its own specific finish and color, designed by Mother Nature herself. We custom-make these indoor plantation shutters to fit any square or rectangle window, giving your home a look that’s distinctive and showcases the rich history of the reclaimed wood. Our award-winning reclaimed wood shutters are a great way to pair a modern aesthetic with natural beauty, evoking an eye-catching design that your guests won’t stop talking about.


Studio Shutters

Studio shutters in a living room

Studio shutters are the latest offering from Sunburst Shutters San Diego. Uniquely designed to offer both the stunning looks of plantation shutters and unrivaled value, Studio shutters are a smart, streamlined window covering and a great option for those looking for energy-efficient solutions that drapes or blinds can’t provide. Like our other plantation shutters we offer throughout San Diego, Studio shutters offer that durability, high quality, and stellar, personal service that customers have come to expect at an incredible price.

Unlike other economy interior shutters, our Studio shutters are long-lasting, completely resistant to moisture and have one of the best warranties you can get. This makes Studio shutters a great choice for homes in humid areas of the country or near the coast. At Sunburst Shutters, we build our exclusive brands better, and it shows. Our Studio shutters are no exception to the rule.

Custom Plantation Shutter FAQs

  • Why are they called plantation shutters?

    Interior shutters are called “plantation shutters” due to their use in luxurious estates and plantations, chiefly in the Southern United States, where they were popular for their elegant looks and potential to block heat from entering homes.
  • Which type of plantation shutter do you suggest for my kitchen or living room?

    There’s no singular answer as every room has its own needs. For that reason, we've assembled Sunburst's Total Room Window Treatment Guide to make it easier to choose the best type of plantation shutter for each room.
  • Where are your plantation shutters made?

    Our Polywood and Studio plantation shutters are completely built and assembled in the U.S.

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