Shutter Reviews from Sunburst Shutters San Diego Customers

We’ve been mounting custom shutters in San Diego since 1995. And we have loved hearing testimonials of their elegance, durability, and energy-saving features.

There’s only one way for you to find out what hundreds of happy customers in the San Diego area think of our shutter craftsmanship and installations: read their shutter endorsements!

We’ve put together a sample of shutter reviews from the San Diego area. And we simply had to share them with you. We hope you find them helpful as you’re looking for a window treatment solution.

Read Our Shutter Reviews:

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“I was very happy with the service I got when I ordered the first set of Sunburst Shutters for my breakfast room and kitchen. I dealt with a very professional and knowledgeable staff and was SO pleased at the appearance of my beautiful shutters that I ordered more. Over time, I have had shutters installed in almost every room of my house. Not only do they save a good deal of money on my light bill, they come with a lifetime guarantee!”

Tori L.

“I love my shutters! They really add so much to my home and I wish I had done them sooner! The entire process was smooth and effortless.”

Michelle D.

“The installer was most courteous, very efficient and very concise in his performance of his duties. I really appreciate his desire to do his job to perfection.”

Carrie S.