The Highest Quality Plantation Shutters In Escondido

If you’re looking for a premium window covering, not just anything will work. Sunburst Shutters provides the best plantation shutters in Escondido. Our custom plantation shutters are designed to keep their beauty long after you purchase them.

As a local Escondido shutter seller since 1995, we’ve worked with thousands of customers and enhanced their windows and homes with the finest, highly rated shutter products available. Each detail, from our distinguished craftsmanship to our custom installation is made to provide you with the best plantation shutters in Escondido.

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Why Escondido Homes Need Interior Shutters

With so many homes in Escondido featuring interior shutters, there has to be a reason for it, right? In fact, there are many reasons to purchase interior shutters for your space. Here’s why your neighbors are choosing them:

  • Shutters are resilient. More than any other window treatment, shutters last, survive, and thrive. Where a set of blinds from a box store may fray, distort or fade out in less than a few years, shutters stand the test of time. With solid construction coupled with resilient material, shutters can stay a lasting piece of your home for as long as you need them.

  • Shutters are energy efficient. Admittedly, blinds or shades may block a small amount of light, but how good are they at managing your inside temperature levels? Unless you plan to spring for extensive window insulation, energy might still transfer through the glass. High-quality interior shutters can mitigate that energy movement.

  • Shutters are gorgeous. No other window treatment comes close to the enduring quality, sophistication, flexibility, and wow-factor of interior shutters.

Polywood - Escondido’s Faux Wood Shutter of Choice

Don’t get confused by that description. Polywood® plantation shutters aren’t simply Escondido’s favorite faux wood shutters, they’re far beyond any other faux wood shutters made here.

Polywood shutters are great at everything that make Escondido homeowners choose shutters. Polywood’s solid white or hardwood finish add classic beauty to your home. Polywood is impervious to chips, warps, cracks, and is 100% moisture-proof and fireproof, making them incredibly durable. And no window treatment can compare with Polywood shutters’ energy efficiency which is able to block nearly 50% of the heat transfer through your window.

Add to that, Polywood plantation shutters are 100% made in America, and come with one the best shutter warranties around. And if you’re interested in a more budget-friendly shutter for smaller windows in Escondido, take a look at Sunburst’s builder-grade Studio Shutters.

Gorgeous Wood Shutters In Escondido

Bring the look of real wood shutters into your house with Sunburst’s Ovation® Wood Shutters. Ovation Wood Shutters are one of the best-selling wood shutters in Escondido because of their appealing, solid furniture-grade teak wood. Natural wood shutters offer a natural intrigue to the room with their grain and texture. And since Ovation Shutters come in over 28 colors, you’re guaranteed to get the ideal one for your interior design.

If you’re trying to achieve a more organic look, think about our reclaimed wood shutters available in Escondido, California. Each shutter is made with reclaimed lumber from around the country and has its own personal story. Whether the wood is from an old door, shed, or building, it has its own characteristics that make it a unique piece of art right in your home.

Get Custom Shutters For Your Escondido Home with Sunburst

Getting custom shutters in Escondido is easy when you choose Sunburst Shutters. We’re there to guide you during each part of the process so in the end you get the exact type of shutters you need to fit your style and budget. Here’s the process we use to get in your home:

  1. Call 760-405-8887 or use the form below to arrange a complimentary in-home design consultation with a member of our team.

  2. During the in-home meeting, your window treatment consultant will measure your windows. They’ll also go over all the options you have for shutters, as well as offer up suggestions for picking the best window coverings for your home, style, and budget.

  3. You select the shutters you want and place your order.

  4. After a short while, when your shutters are ready, one of our installers will pay a visit to your home to put in your shutters and show you how to operate them and care for them.

At the end, you have elegant shutters in your home without ever lifting a finger.

Sunburst Offers Blinds & Shades in Escondido, Too

Although shutters might be part of our name, they’re definitely not the only window treatment we provide. From blinds to shades and beyond, Sunburst is your local shop for any window treatment in Escondido.


Escondido Shades

The simplicity and ease of use of shades are hard to argue against. We provide the highest quality cellular shades, roller shades, and fabric shades–with hundreds of choices in colors, textures and more.

Escondido Polywood Blinds

We didn’t stop at building the best shutters in Escondido. Polywood Blinds offer the resilience and longevity of Polywood with the ease of use and minimal design of blinds. Available in basswood and faux wood, with endless options including motorized operation and valances, Polywood Blinds answer that classic question of “Can you build a better blind?”

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Don’t wait to get new shutters for your home. By going with Sunburst Shutters for your window treatments in Escondido, you’re going to get the finest in customer service along with beautiful, award-winning window treatments.

So contact Sunburst Shutters San Diego today at 760-405-8887 or fill out the form below to schedule a free in-home consultation. We’re ready to help homeowners in Escondido and its surrounding communities get great shutters and window coverings for their unique style and budget. So don’t hesitate. Let’s talk!