The Best-Looking Plantation Shutters In Spring Valley

Nothing provides more style and beauty to the windows in your house than plantation shutters, and no company knows plantation shutters better than Sunburst Shutters San Diego. Since 1995, we have helped thousands of homeowners upgrade their windows and enrich their space with beautiful plantation shutters in Spring Valley.

As Spring Valley’s top local shutter provider, we’re invested in our customers – and it’s evident. From your first in-home consultation through final installation, ours is a smooth process that gives you the best-looking plantation shutters in Spring Valley. 

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Why Spring Valley Homes Need Interior Shutters

With so many homes in Spring Valley featuring interior shutters, there has to be a reason for it, right? In fact, there are many reasons to purchase interior shutters for your space. Here’s why your neighbors are choosing them:

  • Shutters are resilient. More than any other window treatment, shutters last, survive, and thrive. Where a set of blinds from a box store may fray, distort or fade out in less than a few years, shutters stand the test of time. With solid construction coupled with resilient material, shutters can stay a lasting piece of your home for as long as you need them.

  • Shutters are energy efficient. Admittedly, blinds or shades may block a small amount of light, but how good are they at managing your inside temperature levels? Unless you plan to spring for extensive window insulation, energy might still transfer through the glass. High-quality interior shutters can mitigate that energy movement.

  • Shutters are gorgeous. No other window treatment comes close to the enduring quality, sophistication, flexibility, and wow-factor of interior shutters.

Polywood - Spring Valley’s Faux Wood Shutter of Choice

Don’t get confused by that description. Polywood® plantation shutters aren’t simply Spring Valley’s favorite faux wood shutters, they’re far beyond any other faux wood shutters made here.

Polywood shutters are great at everything that make Spring Valley homeowners choose shutters. Polywood’s solid white or hardwood finish add classic beauty to your home. Polywood is impervious to chips, warps, cracks, and is 100% moisture-proof and fireproof, making them incredibly durable. And no window treatment can compare with Polywood shutters’ energy efficiency which is able to block nearly 50% of the heat transfer through your window.

Add to that, Polywood plantation shutters are 100% made in America, and come with one the best shutter warranties around. And if you’re interested in a more budget-friendly shutter for smaller windows in Spring Valley, take a look at Sunburst’s builder-grade Studio Shutters.

Bring Warmth to Your Home Wood Shutters In Spring Valley

Natural wood shutters like Ovation® wood shutters in Spring Valley add a warm look and richness to any space. Made out of durable, furniture-grade wood, Ovation shutters are a stunning window covering built to seamlessly fit your windows. Customizable with several different wood stains, Ovation wood shutters are able to accentuate any style in your space so you get exactly the look you desire.

For a more natural wood shutter, Sunburst also offers reclaimed wood shutters which are made from reclaimed wood from several different sources. Every shutter is unique and has beautiful divots, patterns, and textures to make it not only a naturally gorgeous window covering, but also a unique statement for just about any home.

It’s Easy To Get Custom Shutters In Spring Valley

Choosing the right shutters for your home might feel somewhat daunting. But with Sunburst, we make the process of getting custom shutters in Spring Valley simple. Here’s how we make it work:

  1. You call 760-405-8887 or complete the form below to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with one of our shutter experts.

  2. During the in-home consultation a member of our team comes to your home to measure your windows. They’ll also take time with you to look at all your shutter and window treatment options, and suggest ideas for what would work with your budget, existing home design, and your personal needs.

  3. After walking through all of your options, pick your preferred window treatment and finalize your order.

  4. After a short time, our installation team comes to your home to put in your new shutters and demonstrate how to maintain them.

Once finished, you’ll have beautiful custom shutters in your space without having to measure or install them yourself. It’s that simple to get gorgeous, custom shutters in Spring Valley.

Sunburst Offers Blinds & Shades in Spring Valley, Too

Although shutters might be part of our name, they’re definitely not the only window treatment we provide. From blinds to shades and beyond, Sunburst is your local shop for any window treatment in Spring Valley.


Spring Valley Shades

The simplicity and ease of use of shades are hard to argue against. We provide the highest quality cellular shades, roller shades, and fabric shades–with hundreds of choices in colors, textures and more.

Spring Valley Polywood Blinds

We didn’t stop at building the best shutters in Spring Valley. Polywood Blinds offer the resilience and longevity of Polywood with the ease of use and minimal design of blinds. Available in basswood and faux wood, with endless options including motorized operation and valances, Polywood Blinds answer that classic question of “Can you build a better blind?”

Choose Sunburst for your Spring Valley Window Treatment Needs

It’s more than our award-winning products that makes Sunburst Shutters Spring Valley’s #1 provider of window treatments. It’s also our commitment to customer care, our history of experience in home services and the shutter industry, our consumer-direct pricing, and our capacity to help you through every part of the window treatment process.

So give Sunburst Shutters San Diego a call today to start. We’re pleased to serve Spring Valley and the nearby area for any window covering needs. Call 760-405-8887 now to start giving your windows the treatment they need.