Save Up To 25% -- The More You Buy, The More You Save.
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Save Up To 25% -- The More You Buy, The More You Save.
*Minimum order required
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How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post

Hello & thanks for entrusting Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions with your window treatments. Whether you purchased our exclusive Polywood® Shutters, traditional wood shutters or from our SunShades™ line, we’re excited to see & share a pic of your styled space with your beautiful new window coverings. Below are some best practices on how to help you create the perfect social media post!
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TIP #1

Remove any objects from the room that might distract from the beauty of the room--toys, laundry, cleaning tools, etc.

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TIP #2

If you have shutters, remember to prop the louvers open slightly not fully closed and not fully open (finger-tip width should suffice). For blinds or shades, slightly or completely closed are recommended (if you can get good natural backlighting from another window or lighting source).

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TIP #3

Be sure to capture a shot that features the best assets of not only the window treatments, but the overall design aesthetic of your space too!

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When you’re ready to post the photo, be sure to follow us & tag us on either:
Include these hashtags below to be featured on our feed! #sunburstshutters #customwindowtreatments #lovemyshutters #sandiegointeriors (*For any non-shutter products use; #lovemywindowcoverings )
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