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Cover Your Triangle and Angled Windows With Rake Shutters In San Diego

Rake shutters in San Diego are the perfect fit for your triangle top windows, with the adjustable shutter louvers going to the top of the angled portion. Now you have complete control over the level of light that you let in.

Rake Triangle Shutters

Every rake shutter is custom made to match the angle of your window and its triangle shape. This lets the louvers stay horizontal – giving a custom-built look. It also allows you to move the louvers in the triangular section with the tilt rod. 

We start by measuring the window’s dimensions. We then record the position of each angled corner. We’ll also depict how your triangle windows are situated. That way, when we head back to our store, we can order your hand-built plantation shutters in San Diego with louvers that operate smoothly – and look elegant as a rake unit.

Combining advanced computer software plus over three decades of experience, we design and manufacture your home’s rake style plantation shutters, and apply colors and finishes.

After that, our professional installers put up the new shutters on your triangle and angled-top windows. Next, we make sure that the shutters operate, giving you a open view and easier cleaning. You can regulate the amount of light that streams into the room without forgoing the view.
Angular configurations are only available in Polywood and Ovation wood shutters currently. 

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