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Sunburst barn doors in a bedroom

8 Creative Uses for Sliding Barn Doors in San Diego Homes

August 13, 2018

Sliding barn doors have made a huge resurgence in San Diego interior design. In fact, sliding barn doors have been one of the most popular home design trends of the year. Maybe the reason barn doors have made such a big splash is because of their versatility – they can go nearly anywhere in your home!

Below are some of our favorite places to use sliding barn doors in San Diego homes.

Sliding Barn Doors in Master Bathrooms

San Diego bathroom barn door

Using a sliding barn door as the doorway between the master bedroom and bathroom is our favorite way to use them. Not only does it make your bathroom feel much cozier, but it lets you utilize space like other doors can’t. When you open a standard door, it takes up space in either the bedroom or the bathroom it connects to – barn doors stay flush against the wall to give you plenty of space.

Sliding Barn Doors as Closet Doors

San Diego barn door closet

Like with the bathroom, sliding barn doors give you tons of extra space when used as a closet door. That makes them a fantastic choice for a hall closet or foyer closet. Additionally, these closets are the perfect spot to put barn doors, since they’re typically out in the open so you can show it off.

Sliding Barn Doors as Room Dividers

San Diego room divider barn door slider

No one said barn doors have to occupy the same places as normal doors? Big sliding barn doors can help divide a room into smaller sections to create a little more personal feeling in your San Diego home.

Sliding Barn Doors as a Modern Door Replacement

San Diego modern kitchen barn door

In San Diego condos, townhouses, and long-term apartments, barn doors are showing up more as these kinds of housing embrace modern home design. With a sliding barn door in your condo, your space feels more spacious and less segmented. In their own small way, barn doors let you get the best of both worlds of a house and an apartment.

Barn Doors as a Window Treatment

San Diego barn door shutters on window

We usually refer to barn doors on windows as “barn door shutters,” though they aren’t very similar to traditional plantation shutters. What they do have in common with interior window shutters are a timeless style, and the ability to block a lot of outside light to make your space much more comfortable.

Barn Doors Framing an Entertainment Center

San Diego tv shutter barn door

This is one of the more unique uses we’ve seen for barn doors. Barn doors can act as both a frame and cover to a wall-mounted flat screen tv or entertainment center. You can not only create a frame for the TV (just like a letterbox feature), but you can also hide the screen when it’s not in use to give your space a bit more rustic charm.

Home Office Sliding Barn Doors

San Diego home office barn door

Barn doors are a unique blend of fun design, stunning looks, and usability, so they’re right at home in a San Diego home office. Sunburst even offers barn doors with inlaid mirrors, or with whiteboards for scrawling down notes or planning.

Keep in mind, just because you work there doesn’t mean your home office has to be plain.

Sliding Barn Doors in San Diego Commercial Spaces

San Diego commercial barn door

All right, so this isn’t a home, but it’s worth mentioning how wonderfully barn doors work in commercial spaces. Separating parts of a store or eatery, or as a wall between a waiting room and conference rooms – sliding barn doors embrace the rustic chic trend that’s emerged in commercial spaces.

Try Barn Doors For Yourself

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