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Heat-Stopping Shutters and Other Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

June 05, 2017
Summer is creeping up fast in San Diego. And though many people were wishing it was here way back in January, some may not be prepared for the heat that summer brings.

But don’t sweat it, Sunburst Shutters San Diego has a few tips to help you stay cool when the thermostat’s on the fritz, from heat-blocking shutters to ways to reduce the strain on your AC unit.

Interior Shutters Block Summer Heat

The path most of that sticky summer heat takes to get into your house is through your windows. By putting in window treatments designed for energy efficiency, like plantation shutters, you can bring down the ambient temperature in your home this summer. Just take a look!

The numbers are in: Polywood® plantation shutters are proven to block almost 50% of the thermal energy that comes in through your windows. In some homes, that can mean up to a 30 degree difference in temperature! Keep the shutters shut during the daytime to block the heat and sunlight, then let them open up at night to let the cooler night air flow through your house.

Modern parlor with casement shutters

Remember that heat-blocking ability isn’t just good during summer. If you’re having the same talk about how to beat the cold once winter gets close, plantation shutters might be your best match.

Make Your House More Energy Efficient

Great window insulators like shutters can up your energy efficiency, but there’s a lot more you can do. By doing some of these smaller projects, you can decrease your home’s energy waste, which can lead to higher temperatures indoors:

  • Make sure all your air conditioning ducts are sealed and insulated properly. Also, replace your air filter every month to keep your system in great performing shape.

  • Toss out your old wasteful incandescent light bulbs. With LED bulbs or CFL lamps, you’ll reduce the heat radiated by your light bulbs without giving up brightness.

  • If any of your appliances are pretty old, consider swapping them out with newer, more efficient versions. Some appliances such as the stove, furnace, and water heater make up a good amount of the heat inside your house.

More Ways To Keep Cool During The San Diego Heat

Even though these projects might not drastically improve energy efficiency in your home, they still let you keep your house cool when the mercury rises:

  • Make sure your ceiling fans are running counter-clockwise, so that the cold air is pushed downward. If your fans are moving clockwise, there’s likely a small switch on the fan’s body that reverses the direction of the blades.

San Diego sunroom with fan and shutters

  • Think about using a dehumidifier, particularly in the room or two are the most used in your home. Less humidity in the air makes it easier for your AC system to keep your home cool, and dryer air tends to be cooler on the skin.

  • If you have many south-facing windows without shutters covering them, think about hanging an awning or canopy to block out the unyielding summer sun from pouring down on them.

Let Sunburst Help You Beat The Heat

We’ve been helping Californians cover their windows for years, so we’re familiar with what it takes to keep comfortable in the summer. If you want to overcome the season without a sweat, give us a call at 760-405-8887 today or fill out our free consultation form below. Together we can beat the heat and enjoy the San Diego summer.