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Pink patterned window shades and other accents in a white room

How To Add Color To A Plain Room In San Diego Without Painting

December 07, 2023

Following years of understated color choices, new home interiors are embracing color again. If you’re ready to update a bland room but wish to avoid the work and commitment of painting, integrate color in different ways. From art to furniture and even window coverings, here are some sensible ideas for how to add color to a room in San Diego.

Switch Out Bland Home Furnishings With Vibrant, Colorful Alternatives

A blue couch against a gray wall with reclaimed wood interior shutters

If you’ve had enough of the same neutral hues, you can quickly introduce visual interest with colorful furniture. The larger the pieces, the more dramatic the new look. Place a colored sectional or sofa into the room for the most noticeable impact. Or, if you would like just a hint of color, a vividly upholstered chair or ottoman will do the job. A wooden bookcase or table painted in your color preference adds a touch of character, too.

Give Windows A Facelift With Colored Window Shades

Blue cellular shades on four windows over a white window seat

Window treatments may not be the initial thing you consider, but they’re a nice option when figuring out how to add color to a plain room in San Diego. Window shades come in many types of colors to match your interior. They can also be found in a range of styles and materials to meet your tastes. Cellular shades in a beautiful color also enhance your windows’ energy efficiency. Transitional shades give you multiple choices for light control and privacy. You may even select motorized shades that you can run remotely without getting up from your (colorful) chair.

Support The Arts And Update The Look Of Your Space

A colorful piece of art on a beige bedroom wall

Art comes in a variety of styles, forms, and, you guessed it, colors! Incorporating art can introduce color and energy to a plain space. Whether you choose an original work from a nearby artist or a print of a world-renowned classic, art in various colors can transform a space. You may even choose a picture frame in an interesting color, too!

Swap Out Neutral Accent Pieces With Colorful Ones

A gray and white bathroom with several yellow decorative objects

The easiest way to add color to your rooms in San Diego is to replace neutral decor pieces with colorful ones. So throw out your off-white throw pillows for colored ones and change out that cream blanket with a blue or red one. A vibrant crafted rug always adds appeal to an otherwise bland area. If you use neutral window coverings like interior shutters or wood blinds, you may embellish them with colorful drapes or a valance. Incorporate accessories like candles, lamps, vases, and other adornments in your choice of tints. Try a playful shower curtain in a white bathroom or a tablecloth in a neutral dining area. The more items you switch out, the more colorful your drab interior will become!

Enhance Your Interior With Colorful Window Treatments From Sunburst

Replacing your window shades is an easy way to add color to a room in San Diego, and Sunburst Shutters San Diego is ready to help. We offer an impressive range of window treatments for every room. To begin, contact us at 760-405-8887 or complete the form below to schedule a free in-home consultation. We’ll demonstrate our expertly crafted window treatments and help you select custom options for a unique look.