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The Best Time of Year for San Diego Home Improvement Projects?

May 07, 2018

You might wonder what’s the best season for San Diego home improvement projects.Some home improvement projects are easy to know when to do. You don’t want to replace your windows when it’s cold outdoors. Nor do you want to add insulation to your attic in the middle of summer.

Yet there are more factors to choosing what time of year to schedule projects than just the weather. Choosing the right time of year to do certain home improvements can make the final product look better, keep the project on track, and potentially even save you some money.

What to Consider when Scheduling Home Projects

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One of the most important things to take into account is the season you’re in and the weather outside. Some home improvement projects will be easier or harder depending on the weather, like replacing windows, building a patio, or putting in a pool. Other projects that take place inside, such as installing window treatments or updating furniture, can be scheduled for virtually any time. We can put in shutters before your Christmas party, after your newest renovation, in the middle of a hot summer, or when the kids go back to school.

If you’re on a tight deadline and are working with contractors, consult with them how the weather may affect your project and timeline.

Contractor Schedules

Most contractors have seasons like spring and summer that tend to be busier than others. If you can start working with a contractor outside of their busy season, they won’t be juggling as many projects and they can dedicate more time to your work.

Your Schedule

Some parts of the year might be better for your home improvements others. If you have children in school, it might be smart to schedule renovations during the school year when your house is a little more empty. Or if you’re taking a week-long vacation, it might be a decent time to get your interior repainted to avoid the fumes.

Available Funds

If you’re paying your contractor in cash, then the best time of year to plan is after you have the money on hand. This could be after you’ve saved a little bit, received a bonus at work or when your tax refund comes in.

Many people start home improvement projects after they get their tax refund around the beginning of spring, so know that home improvement professionals might have a busier schedule during the spring and materials can cost more.

Other Projects You’re Planning

It’s smart to keep a tab of projects you want to do so that if projects depend on each other you can schedule them out. Try to schedule the major work first, such as new floors, and finish up with the details like window treatments or furniture.

The Best Times of Year for Home Improvement Projects

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Here are some ideas for exactly when to schedule certain home improvements based on the weather and potential contractor availability.

Projects You Can Do Any Season:

  • Replace window treatments

  • Repaint interiors

  • Get new appliances

Spring Projects:

  • Landscaping

  • Repair heater

  • Install new windows

  • Replace or fix exterior siding

Summer Projects:

  • Roofing

  • Service chimneys

  • Renovate kitchens

  • Redo bathrooms

  • Replace gutters and soffit

Autumn Projects:

  • Pressure-wash deck and siding

  • Weatherize house including energy audit and insulation

  • Repair A/C and furnace

Winter Projects:

  • Plan upcoming projects

  • Install new flooring

  • Replace furniture

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