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What Are The Premiere Sidelight Window Treatments In San Diego?

November 11, 2021

Sidelight windows, the slim windows that accent your door, look lovely in your entryway and may allow sunlight into a shadowy foyer. But they could also allow a glare or endanger your privacy. And not any window treatment can squeeze into these slim windows. The majority people attempt to discover the ideal sidelight window treatments in San Diego to fix these issues. Luckily, custom Polywood® shutters are the fix to any sidelight window dilemmas.

Custom-Made Interior Shutters Fit Your Sidelights’ Odd Size

The unique appearance of your sidelight windows comes with a trying downside - the majority of window treatments don’t fit in that thin space.. Standard blinds will leave gaps or cover over the window frame. Cloth curtains look fussy on such narrow windows. And custom window shades that usually appear lovely may seem cheap when shaped to fit sidelights.

Polywood® shutters, on the other hand, can be hand-made to fit your sidelights like a dream. These custom-made louvered shutters blend in with the design of your windows for a clean appearance. You can also further customize them to fit your personal sidelights and doorway. They can be made in many frame makes to coordinate with your door. If you have extra tall sidelights, place divider rails or split tilt rods to divide your shutters into segments that move on their own. Or opt for classic or smaller louvers for a clean look for your skinny sidelights.

Interior Shutters Allow For More Privacy Than Other Sidelight Window Treatments In San Diego

Sidelights with white polywood shutters in a foyer. 

Though small, your sidelight windows can cause a big issue with privacy.. Anyone who passes by your door, from mail people to inquisitive neighbors, are free to peek inside in. Polywood shutters provide total privacy for these windows. The strong faux wood is entirely impenetrable, and their perfect fit guarantees no cracks around the edges when you seal them entirely.

Solid Polywood shutters also won’t move like blinds and drapes in a gust if you have drafts from your door. Interior shutters are also the most tough window treatments. They won’t scuff or snap or leave open spaces if you have overexcited pets or kids who reach and pull at them when the doorbell sounds.

Interior Shutters Let You Control Light

Sidelight windows with white polywood shutters in a foyer. 

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Natural light in your entryway can liven up your house and make it more cozy to family as they enter. But if it gets overwhelmingly bright, it could blind your company as they walk to the door. And if your entryway points east or west, your foyer might sit in the shadows for half the day and receive excessive direct sunlight and warmth the other half of the day.

Polywood shutters are the premiere sidelight window treatments in San Diego for controlling light in your entryway. If your entryway seems too dark, you can swing open the shutter panels to let sunlight pour in. If the sun shines in more than desired, close the panel and slightly adjust the louvers for partial light.

If you want to shut out most of the sunlight and reduce the temperature of your San Diego home, your Polywood shutters are specifically made to fit tightly sunlight and drafts. You’ll have only a slight glow in the place that the louvers close, and the patented weatherstripping on your shutters protects your house from outside air and temperature transference up to 70% more effectively than other window treatments.

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