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What Window Treatments To Get When Replacing Broken Window Blinds in San Diego?

August 24, 2020

It happened again. One of the aluminum window blinds that came with your home bent a slat again. The time is now for replacing your broken window blinds in San Diego, ideally with a product more durable, reliable, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Traditional wood products are a possible alternative and should last for a few years. But if you’re looking for a window treatment that lasts a lifetime, the smart choice is installing custom faux wood products, like our Polywood® shutters.

What to Consider When Replacing Broken Window Blinds In San Diego 

Metal Blinds in a living room.
The typical lifespan for aluminum blinds is 4 to 7 years -- and they will likely start looking worn out even before that. Broken slats are the main culprit, but metal blinds also get tangled, misshapen, and faded. If you checked your blinds right now, there are many possible problems you find with your metal blinds.

Typical metal blinds are cheap to purchase and install, but they are a less appealing solution for window treatments and not an upgrade. They don’t bring anything to the table in terms of reliability, appeal, and functionality. So why replace snapped metal blinds with the same window treatment that is so fragile and unfit?

Polywood Products Are the Sensible Window Treatments When Replacing Blinds

Plantation shutters in a corner window.

When you’re thinking about replacing broken blinds in San Diego, you should switch to plantation shutters.  Plantation shutters are ideal for San Diego homeowners because in addition to expressive style, they provide a graceful way of directing sunlight and preventing glare. Plantation shutters are also vastly more durable than metal blinds.

If you’re looking for something that will last a lifetime, you should step up to a well-crafted plantation shutter, like our popular Polywood shutters. These American-made window treatments won’t crack, warp, or chip regardless of the amount of direct sunlight and humidity. The faux wood is moisture-proof and fire-proof and a snap to clean. Our shutters offer peace of mind with a lifetime warranty – something you would never find on traditional blinds. 

Polywood is also much more efficient than your traditional window treatments. In fact, Polywood offers an incredible insulation system that’s up to 70% more energy-effective than wood shutters and 1600% more than your old blinds, meaning your rooms will stay a consistent, comfortable temperature.

A great thing about plantation shutters – on top of their longevity and efficiency -- is that they fit perfectly with your current interior. Unless you want an apartment aesthetic, aluminum blinds tend to stick out like a sore thumb. But from modern to traditional, plantation shutters and their attractive louvers and tilt rods seem to always elevate a space.

Sunburst Shutters San Diego Can Help You With Your Plantation Shutter Inspiration and Installation

Installation of plantation shutters in San Diego

If privacy, light control, efficiency, and durability are important to you, there really isn’t a better window treatment option than Polywood plantation shutters from Sunburst Shutters San Diego. Are you ready to replace your blinds in San Diego? Please call 760-405-8887 or use the form on this page to get started with a free consultation today!