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Evaluating Window Treatments By Feature In San Diego

June 20, 2023

Window treatments have more purpose than merely looking nice. They block excessive exterior light, establish privacy, and complete many other tasks. They should also fit your lifestyle. If you have pets or kids, you’ll have to think about that when selecting window treatments. So it’s wise to evaluate window treatments by function in San Diego and not only for aesthetic appeal. Read on to discover what window treatments work best for differing needs, and then get together with your Sunburst specialist for additional guidance.

What Window Treatments To Select For Energy Savings

White Polywood shutters on a large kitchen window

Windows are a prime source of thermal loss within your home. They also allow warm UV rays that cause your air conditioner to work harder. You can give your heating and cooling equipment a reduced workload and save money on energy expenses by using energy-efficient window treatments.

Polywood® shutters are hands down the best energy-efficient window treatments in San Diego. Their strong wood substitute material and exclusive weather sealing provides a formidable defense against drafts and UV rays when you close the slats. Whenever you close their panels, frigid air and warmth can't infiltrate around their edges. This exceptional method of insulation blocks up to 30 degrees of temperature transfer to keep your property comfortable through every season and lower utility bills.

Polywood shutters are so energy efficient that you are able to get an energy tax credit of up to $1200 in 2023 when you install them in your interior!

If you want a substitute for shutters, consider energy-conserving cellular shades. Using their accordion-style folds, cellular shades will prevent some of the airflow from going into your home. They are constructed with many layers of material to present a soft and stylish barrier beside your windows.

Products To Choose For The Best Room Darkening Window Treatments In San Diego

White Polywood shutters in a dim bedroom

Room darkening window treatments obstruct as much exterior light as possible to help you [[keep your living area cool and enjoy a great night of sleep. A good number of window shades and blinds come with room-darkening options. Thicker fabric shades with full coverage give you effective room darkening.

Another superb way to impede the sunlight in San Diego homes is to put up plantation shutters.

Louvered shutters are solid wood or faux wood and include a frame that surrounds your window. They won’t move in the breeze and have no gaps at the edges for light to sneak through. When you close their adjustable slats, you see just the slightest glow of light on them, and no sunlight or temperature-raising ultraviolet rays enter the area.

The Best Light Filtering Window Treatments

White sheer shades on a wall of windows in a white bedroom

The best light filtering window treatments for San Diego homes let in soft light while still giving you a bit of privacy and blocking bright sun glare. Sunburst’s sheer window shades do this very well. Their dual-layered sheer fabric filters sunlight when lowered over windows, and they have non-transparent louver-type slats positioned two inches apart between the sheer panels to provide a little privacy. Whenever you wish to have a greater level of privacy and reduced light, just close the slats to obstruct everything outside.

Another great option for filtering light is roller shades with transparent fabrics. This selection is suitable for setting the ideal ambiance. Should you require more room darkening or privacy, you can include another roller shade beside it.

The Most Pet-friendly Window Treatment

White Polywood shutters in a bedroom with two cats climbing on the bed

Pets and blinds, shades, or other types of window treatments don’t always mix. Dangling materials are entertaining for mischievous animals to chew, claw, climb, and tug at. Before long, your window treatments are shredded or coming loose.

Interior shutters are the best pet-friendly window treatment for San Diego homeowners. As a permanent unit attached straight to the window’s frame, they simply don’t entice four-legged friends the way other options seem to. No part of them dangles or sways. If a feline tries to climb them, they won’t budge. Polywood shutters also resist most clawing and scratching. And if your dog does chomp down on a slat, reach out to Sunburst to ask for an easy repair.

The Best Childsafe Window Treatments In San Diego

Two girls playing in a toy room with Polywood shutters on the windows

Some window treatments are unsafe for toddlers—and you could say kids are unsafe to window treatments! Cords for shades and blinds are deemed a strangulation risk. You can purchase cordless shades and blinds, but they won’t hold up to a little one yanking or hanging from them. Alternatively, choose durable Polywood shutters. They stand up to inquisitive hands much better than other options and never function with cords. You are able to put them in a young one’s playroom or bedroom with no worries.

The Best Window Treatments To Install On Sidelight Windows

Polywood shutters on skinny sidelight windows by a front door

Sidelight windows are those long, skinny, windows on the sides of your main entry. They are so narrow, that not every window covering is suitable for them.

Blinds are too unstable and don’t look right. Most window shades have problems fitting on these windows. But a louvered shutter is the smartest solution for a sidelight window in San Diego since they are fixed permanently for a perfect fit. The integrated frame creates a great polished look. And the easy to move slats give you the light control and privacy you want at your primary entry.

What Window Treatments To Use On Specialty Windows

curved shutters in a bathroom

Specialty windows are any windows that aren’t an average size or usual rectangle. You could have a circular or another uniquely shaped window, a French door, or a sliding door at your home that you would like to cover for added privacy and reduced glare. Technically, you could place window blinds or shades over these windows, but these will cover up unique shapes and are a challenge to employ on very big or small windows.

The best window treatments for specialty windows in San Diego are louvered shutters. Polywood and Ovation® shutters are custom-made to fit the exact measurements of your window. They may even be constructed to be round for circle and arched windows. Even better, they maintain functionality no matter what size or shape you request.

The Best Motorized Window Treatment Selection

Light gray window shades on a row of windows in a gray living room

If you’re looking for the best motorized window treatments in San Diego, you already understand how valuable they can be. With just the tap of a button, you can raise or close your window treatments from wherever you are. You can even program smart motorized window treatments to go up or down on a fixed schedule.

Automated roller shades are the best motorized window treatment. Roller shades can be found in various designs and styles to suit your preferences and needs, and then you are able to order motorization for enhanced convenience. It doesn’t matter what style or color of roller shade you purchase, you’ll elevate your window shades when choosing motorization.

The Window Treatments That Are Simple To Clean in San Diego

White Polywood shutters in a neutral colored dining room

Cleaning window treatments is a hassle if you have to use the vacuum or take them off the window to wash. You’ll also have to contend with the stains that just won’t come out of textile window treatments. Polywood louvered shutters are the best easy-to-clean window treatments for San Diego homeowners who don’t want to spend all day cleaning window treatments. Their resilient paint finish won’t discolor and is a cinch to dust with a rag or duster. For more stubborn spills or grime, just wipe them off with a moistened cloth, and they look brand new again!

The Best Door Window Treatments

White Polywood shutters on a sliding glass door in a family room

Picking the best door window treatments for your San Diego home can be a challenge. You want the same authority over sunlight and privacy that you enjoy with your windows, but many window treatments sway and slap the door when you go through it. To avoid this, turn to interior shutters. They attach to your door and won’t change position when it’s used. They also offer full mastery over outside light and privacy with panels that can swing open or closed and adjustable louvers.

Interior shutters are also a great choice for sliding glass doors and French doors. They are custom-built to the size of your door and don’t bang around when you go through the door. Furthermore, they’re the right solution for large door windows and provide excellent insulation on doors that are known sources for heat loss.

What To Use For Sound Absorbing Window Treatments In San Diego

 Exterior view of white Polywood shutters on a front window

If you live on a loud street, the correct window treatments can assist in blocking unwanted disturbances. Hard interior shutters do this most proficiently. They are made from wood or a robust wood synthetic that functions as a barrier between you and sounds outside. Secure them during high-traffic periods and before bed to enjoy the tranquility and stillness within your home. Plus, they contribute to your home’s curb appeal, which is vital when you dwell in a busy area.

Browse Sunburst Window Treatments By Feature In San Diego

Sunburst Shutters San Diego has the greatest assortment of appealing and functional window treatments around! Just inform us about what you require from your window treatments, and we’ll take it from there. Place a call to 760-405-8887 or submit the form below to request a free on-site meeting. Your consultant will make suggestions according to your needs and demonstrate our products right in your home so you can discover the right window treatments for every space.