San Diego Window Shades for Any Style

Our first-grade line of Roman, roller, cell, vertical, and woven shades highlight the beauty of your home. We custom craft our shades to fit any window shape or size. From the material itself to our long-lasting durable head rails, each piece of our shades is made with quality to meet your ultimate satisfaction. We provide you energy-efficient shades with a light-filtering privacy liner for every budget. Our shades block light up to 99.9% for temperature and privacy control. And they come with brackets that stop them from swaying. Whether you select a top-down or a bottom-up control system, these shades are available in a variety of colors, materials, and textures to accentuate your style.

Going for a warm tropical look? Choose woven woods. Subtle elegance? Cellular shades. Classic luxury? Pleated shades. And we’ve got them all. Browse through our variety of tropical woods, natural fibers, and vibrant fabric patterns.


Roman Shades San Diego

Roman Shades In San Diego, CA

With fabrics ranging from classic to contemporary, Roman shades are an elegant addition to your CA home.

Options include: 

  • Light control, from the sheerest fabrics to room darkening and everything in between
  • Flat or hobbled profiles
  • Fabric selections and patterns
  • Cordless lift systems or motorization
  • Top-down/bottom-up system that allow lowering the shade from the top or raising it from the bottom
  • Continuous cord loop to eliminate dangling cords
  • Drapery hardware accents in wood or metal
  • Decorative bottom rail, scallops, and trims

Roller Shades San Diego

Roller Shades In San Diego, CA

Our unique line of roller shades will transform the way you think about roller shades in San Diego. With an amazing variety of fabric patterns, natural fibers, and textured materials, this product line sets a classy tone for any room in your residence.

Choose from different levels of privacy and light control, dozens of colors and textures, valances, fringe and trim options, and numerous hem profiles.

Cellular Shades San Diego

Cellular Shades In San Diego, CA

With six different collections and hundreds of colors, our cellular shade line offers plenty of options to fit your style.

Options include:

  • Cell size: 7/16”, 9/16” and 3/4”
  • Opacity: sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, or opaque
  • Lift system: cordless or motorized
  • Top-down/bottom-up system allows lowering the shade from the top or raising it from the bottom
  • Light control with our day/night feature, which blends two fabrics in one shade
  • Fabric options: classic, woven, and mosaic

Woven Woods San Diego

Woven Shades In San Diego, CA

Woven wood shades capture the beauty of San Diego’s outdoor landscape. Our woven woods take it a step further. With a unique line of reeds, grasses, bamboo, and natural fibers, these wooden shades create stunning masterpieces in your window. They come in hundreds of fabric and material options to complement your home’s décor.

Upgrades include specialty options like day/night liners, privacy liners, cordless or motorized operation, finished edge banding, and more.

Soft Vertical Shades San Diego

Vertical Shades In San Diego, CA

Our soft vertical shades couple the function of vertical blinds with the elegance of classic draperies. They add just the sophisticated touch you love for your décor. This is elegance at its finest.

Choose from hundreds of colors, textures, and patterns. Select the privacy and light control you prefer. Pick from wood or faux wood valances, metal rods with finials, or fabric valances.

No matter what types of shades you pick, we’ll custom design them to fit your windows. Call or fill out the form below to schedule a free in-home consultation today!