Cancel Out Noise With The Best Window Treatments For Busy Streets In San Diego

Tyson Williams

Residing on a bustling street can be exhilarating but also loud. One way to reduce the din is with Polywood® plantation shutters. When closed firmly, shutters reduce sounds and provide solitude. An additional advantage of Polywood® shutters is their elegant appearance on your windows. Polywood® shutters are the prime window treatments for busy streets in San Diego if you want to relax in near silence.

Plantation shutters in a dining room.

Polywood® Interior Shutters Minimize Noise From Your Active San Diego Street

When the sounds from your active San Diego road infiltrates your windows, the ideal method to soften it is with sturdy Polywood® shutters. Their strong faux wood hushes noise more effectively than fabric window shades or flimsy blinds. Simply close your shutters while you’re home having a conversation or watching TV to cut out the sounds from outdoors.

Additionally, unlike shades and blinds, plantation shutters affix to your window, so they do not move in a draft or when knocked into. They are exactly tailored to your window frame to avoid spaces that could let noise through. And don’t worry about the cracks between their louvers and panels. Polywood® shutters are constructed to close fast along every edge, and the closed louvers lay snuggly on each other to keep out sounds, as well as light and temperature transfer.

Plantation shutters over a bathroom window.

Polywood® Shutters Close Securely For Complete Privacy

Noise isn’t the main drawback of living on a high-traffic roadway in San Diego. The ideal window treatments for busy San Diego streets also keep people from seeing into your home as they pass by. Since Polywood® interior shutters close so tightly, they are the ideal option for maintaining your privacy.

Plantation shutters’ special construction makes it effortless to conceal the view into your home as much or as little as you want. You can open the hinged panels when you desire a clear view outside, then close them to block spying eyes. If you don’t want strangers looking through your windows but want some sunlight, tilt the shutter louvers open a crack for both light and privacy.

Plantation shutters over a couch

Polywood® Shutters Look Beautiful In Any San Diego House

When you have window treatments facing a busy San Diego street, they should look beautiful for all the eyes that will notice them each day. Striking Polywood® shutters look stunning from both the inside and outside of your abode. When all of your neighbors have the expected curtains and blinds in their windows, people will notice the attractive lines and white color of your Polywood® shutters.

Polywood® shutters are fashionable but minimalist enough to match with any interior design. To make sure your shutters match your home’s exterior too, select the correct louver size. Thin louvers historically suit older-style homes, while wider louvers go with modern homes. If you don’t know what size of louver works best for your San Diego home, you can explore what louvers look best on your plantation shutters at your in-home consultation.

With Sunburst Shutters, You’ll Have The Best Window Treatments On Your Busy Street In San Diego

When you’re enjoying some peace and quiet thanks to your Polywood® shutters from Sunburst, you’ll know you have the finest window treatments on your busy street in San Diego. But first, speak to Sunburst about how to customize your shutters to fulfill your window treatment needs. You can contact us at 760-405-8887 or fill out the form below to request a complimentary in-home consultation.