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How To Clean Plantation Shutters In San Diego

March 07, 2022

Whether you need to be scouring your whole house or getting your place organized for a party in many rooms, dusting your interior shutters in San Diego is a chore that should be finished. If you use Polywood® shutters, washing is pretty easy. But how is it time-consuming to wash wood or reclaimed wood interior shutters?

How To Clean Faux-Wood Shutters In San Diego

White Polywood shutters in a living room. 

Washing your San Diego Polywood shutters could not be any quicker. You will not find any permanent dirt lurking on patient composite, so you do not require intense cleaners or scour pads. Rather, here’s what you will require to begin:

  • A dusting fabric
  • A slightly damp cloth

Using your rag, go over each louver of the window coverings to remove most dust and gunk. When faced with larger blotches or messes, utilize a slightly wet cloth to wipe them fresh. A slightly wet cloth is perfect to utilize to cleanse the complete shutter, as Polywood is waterproof. But it’s advised to dry your shutter following eliminating the mess.

How To Clean Real Wood Shutters In San Diego

Dark wood shutters above a kitchen sink. 

If cleansing real wood shutters in San Diego, you must take care not to use that could ruin the surface or expose the wood to wetness. Therefore, you’ll need such materials to wash the shutters:

  • A dust rag (microfiber works great)
  • A gentle, dry rag

To remove the dust off of wood shutters, all that’s required is to give the panels and frame a fast once-over with a dusting rag.

For washing smears, try cleaning with a dry hand towel. You should avoid using a wet cloth. And avoid using a harsh chemical washer, or else you might ruin the beauty of the material.

How To Clean Reclaimed Wood Shutters In San Diego

Reclaimed wood shutters in a bathroom.

Reclaimed wood shutters may seem like a bear to wash, but honestly, they’re completely simple. Here’s what you require:

  • A gentle duster
  • A dry rag

For daily dusting, you will realize the most benefit from a gentle cleaning tool. By dusting without a dish cloth, you shouldn’t have to worry about jagged boundaries or fragments. If you find any stubborn grime that harms the reclaimed wood aesthetic, rub it using a thicker rag. Don’t apply any fluid or soaps on a reclaimed wood shutter.

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