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Easy And Fun Family Home Improvement Projects

Home renovations can become an excellent family bonding exercise -- provided you pick the right things to do. What are the quickest family home improvement projects in San Diego?

Your 2020 Home Maintenance Checklist in San Diego

Consider whether your windows are energy efficient, your heater works efficiently, and your propane needs to be refilled. And dont forget to Inspect your fireplace and roofing for damage.

The Best Window Treatments For Your Garage In San Diego

Choosing a window treatment for your garage windows can be a tricky decision. You need something that is stylish and is functional, but the coverings also need to be resistant to dust and exhaust. For these reasons faux wood plantation shutters may be the right choice.

Is It Time To Upgrade From Blinds?

Most San Diego blinds fall out of style or become damaged in a short amount of time. Upgrade from blinds by using some of these San Diego window treatment options.

What are Faux Wood Shutters?

San Diego faux wood shutters are in tons of homes. But whats in a faux wood shutter are they all alike?

How Difficult Are DIY Shutters?

Do it yourself shutters are becoming more popular. This is what you should know before you DIY shutters in San Diego.

Exposing 4 Myths About Shutters

There are lots of myths about shutters that San Diego homeowners need to know about. See behind the myths with Sunburst Shutters.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Its finally time for spring cleaning. Sunburst will help you get your window treatments and the rest of your house looking new again with these tips.